Who are we?

ROZKOŠ bez RIZIKA, z. s. (further only R-R) is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1992 as an association. File mark: L 1833 filed with the Regional Court in Brno, registered on 1 January 2014.

Mission of the organization

The mission of R-R is to improve the position of sex workers and to prevent and reduce the risks associated with sex work. Through prevention, we contribute to the protection of public health in the Czech Republic.

Target group

The target group are mainly sex workers and women who consider or have been engaged in sex business in the past and solve the difficulties associated with this work.

Our goals

  • reduce the risks for particularly vulnerable groups of people (who may be of different nationalities and ethnic groups), especially women who are providing paid sex services, and other people in the prostitution scene endangered by risky lifestyles, not only by risky sexual behavior;
  • empower our clients to establish their own limits and boundaries when working in sex business as well as in personal life;
  • enforce the rights of women providing paid sexual services (sex workers);
  • promote respect towards women who provide paid sexual services and avoid stigmatization connected to this type of work
  • you can find out more about our services in the section Co nabízíme? (in Czech)


R-R employees are obeying the R-R ethical codex and the following principles.

The principle of respect and non-judgement

R-R employees do not evaluate and judge the client, respect a woman’s decision to work in sex business and her lifestyle. R-R is inclined to the direction that understands prostitution/sex work as a job.

Empowerment principle

It includes empowering clients to create their own limits and boundaries both in their professional life and in their personal lives (the principles of professionalism in the sex business, i.e. what types of services does or doesn’t the woman want to provide).

Free of charge principle

Social services including R-R therapeutic services are free of charge. Selected health examinations (such as the HIV and Syphilis test) are provided free of charge to all clients, regardless of their insurance company.

The principle of anonymity and low-threshold

R-R social services may be provided anonymously. Anonymous HIV testing can be provided as a health service. Clients provide the organization only with personal data that are necessary for addressing their situation and providing the service. Social services are low-threshold and therefore the client does not have to provide any ID. Personal data, including the health insurance card, are required by applicable R-R rules, e.g. for the use of health services provided by R-R counseling centers.

The principle of confidentiality

R-R employees adhere to confidentiality, and the organization ensures the protection of clients’ personal and sensitive data in accordance with applicable laws. These data are not communicated to other persons without the consent of the client (only in case of exceptions provided by law or with prior consent of the client).

The principle of voluntariness and autonomy

The client does not have to use all of the R-R services, she chooses which services and to what extent she will use. R-R employees do not create a client’s dependence on the service, on the contrary, they seek her independence. They do not decide for the client but offer her the possibilities to solve a difficult situation, respects the client’s decision. The actual act of changing the social situation is entirely in the hands of the client.

The principle of the individual approach

The employees access each potential or existing client individually, i.e. identifies their specific needs, and on the basis of these findings, discusses the objectives of the cooperation with the client – what types of services the client wants to draw and how they can help. The employee communicates with the client so that the client understands. If necessary, interpreting services may be provided.

The principle of the right to complain and to express feedback  on the services provided

The organization respects the rights of the clients. Clients are informed about their rights and obligations and also about the possibility of giving feedback or expressing complaints about the services provided.

The principle of working in the work environment of the target group

R-R employees respect that women working in sex business are usually at work at the time of using R-R services. Therefore they base the provision of services on the client’s time availability and adapt the provision of the service accordingly. Operation time for fieldwork is tailored to the working rhythm of the target group – contacting women takes place especially during the afternoon, evening and night hours.

The principle of providing services in a safe environment of the R-R center

Professional social counseling services are provided in the R-R counseling centers where we strive to ensure a safe environment and privacy to meet the individual needs of women. Only women have access to the center. The opening hours of the center are tailored to the working rhythm of the target group – the centers are open mainly in the afternoon and evening hours. It is also possible to provide services individually on other days after a prior telephone agreement.

The principle of availability of counseling services

R-R seeks to provide accessible advisory services also to women who do not want or cannot get in touch with R-R services directly (at the counseling center or in the field program service) by providing also online counseling. The scope of advisory services is nationwide. You can find the R-R Internet Consultant at www.poradna-rr.cz

The scope of work of the organization in the Czech Republic

The Streetwork programs are provided in 12 regions in the Czech Republic (we do not operate in the Plzeň and Karlovy Vary regions) – the service is provided in the sex business scene (clubs, private homes, outdoor locations, etc.). It can also be provided in a mobile ambulance.

Professional social counseling is operating nationwide – it is provided in the R-R Counseling Centers in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and České Budějovice.

Legal counseling is provided within the scope of field programs in 12 regions, the R-R Counseling Centers and the R-R Internet Consultancy.

Health services are part of the range of services offered by the field programs (12 regions) and women can use the services in one of the doctor’s offices of the Counseling Centers R-R (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice).

List of regions of R-R operation:


South Bohemian

South Moravian


Hradec Králové





Central Bohemian

Ústí nad Labem